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Organic Materials
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INOMATA, Katsuhiro Polymer Structure, Associated Polymers, Multi-component Polymers
HIGUCHI, Masahiro Structure & Property of Polymers, Functional Molecular Materials
KINOSHITA, Takatoshi Polymer structure, Polymer physical chemistry
MATSUOKA, Shinichi Polymer Synthesis, Green Chemistry
NAGATA, Kenji Polymer Nano-composites, Biodegradable Polymers, Plastic Recycle
NAKANISHI, Eiji Functional Polypeptide Materials, Organic-Inorganic Nano Hybrid Materials, Functional Nano Particles
OKAMOTO, Shigeru Polymer Structure and Property, Polymer Physics, Soft Materials, Space Environment Utilization Research
SUGIMOTO, Hideki Functional Polypeptide Materials, Polymer Nano Hybrid Materials
SUZUKI, Masato Polymer Synthesis, Supramolecular Chemistry, Organic Chemistry
TAKAGI, Koji Polymer Synthesis, Photonic and Electronic Function, Organic Chemistry
TANAKA, Masayoshi Polymer synthesis, Nano-structured material
YAMAMOTO, Katsuhiro Polymer Science, Polymer Physics, Polymer Physical Chemistry
YOSHIMIZU, Hiroaki Physical Chemistry of Polymers , Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy , Biopolymers
YOSHIMURA, Atsushi Physiology
YOSHIZATO, Hideo Molecular Biology, Neuroendocrinology