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Nagoya Institute of Technology
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Organic Materials
Inorganic Materials
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Field of Inorganic Materials
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FUKUDA, Koichiro Mineralogy, Materials Science
GOMI, Manabu Electronic and Electric Materials Engineering
HASHIMOTO, Shinobu Inoraganic Materials and Properties , Composite Materials and Properties
KAGOMIYA, Isao Inorganic Materials and Properties (Dielectrics, Magnetics, Mixed Conductors), Crystallography, Solid State Physics
KAKIMOTO, Kenichi Inorganic Materials and Properties, Applied Physics of Property and Crystallography, Solid State Physics (Optical Properties, Semiconductor and Dielectrics)
NAKAYAMA, Masanobu Inorganic solid-state chemistry, energy conversion ceramics, Li ion battery
YOKOTA, Takeshi Magnetism and Magneto-electronics, Solid State Physics(Semiconductor, Electric Structure and Transport Properties)