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Nagoya Institute of Technology
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Organic Materials
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Materials Function and Design
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Field of Materials Function and Design
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HAMANAKA, Yasushi Solid State Physics, Photonics Materials, Laser Spectroscopy
IDE, Naoki Strength and Plasticity of Crystals, Computational Materials Science, Internal Friction, Thermoelectric Materials
IWATSU, Fumio Field Ion Microscope Observation, Vapor Deposition of Metals on Tungsten Tips, Surface Reaction of Metal-Liquid
KOYAMA, Toshiyuki Phase Transformations, Computational Materials Science
KOZAKAI, Takao Physical Metallurgy of Materials, Phase Transformation in Alloy, Phase Diagram
KURITA, Noriaki Metal Productive Engineering, Solid State Ionics
MORITANI, Tomokazu Physical Metallurgy
OKUMURA, Keiji Metal Productive Engineering
TSUKADA, Yuhki Microstructure Evolution, Phase Transformations
YOSHINARI, Osamu Metal Physics