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Nagoya Institute of Technology
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AOKI, Atsushi Polymer Synthesis, Industrial Physical Chemistry
IIGUNI, Yoshinori Analytical Chemistry
INOMATA, Tomohiko Coordination Chemistry, Electrochemistry, Surface Chemistry
ITOH, Hiroshi Exercise Physiology, Sports Physiology
KITAGAWA, Shinya Instrumental Analysis
KONDO, Masaharu Biofunctional Chemistry, Photosynthesis
MIYAGAWA, Atsushi Glycotechnology
MIZUNO, Toshihsa Protein Engineering, Supramolecular Chemistry, Bioorganic Chemistry
NAKANO, Isao Virology, Public Hearth and Hearth Science
OGASAWARA, Riki Molecular Physiology, Nutrition & Exercise Science
OHKUWA, Tetsuo Physiology
OHTANI, Hajime Analytical Chemistry
ONO, Katsuhiko Organic Chemistry, Materials Chemistry
TAGA, Keijiro Physical Chemistry, Industrial Physical Chemistry
TANAKA, Toshiki Pritein Engineering, Peptide Chemisry
YAMAMOTO, Yasushi Interfacial Science and Chemistry
YAMAMURA, Hatsuo Bioorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Synthetic Chemistry
YOSHINO, Akihiro Colloid and Surface Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Structual Chemistry