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Organic Materials
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Overview of Organic Materials
Keyword: Biomaterial, Functional Polymer,
Environmentally-Benign Polymer, Self-Organization

Polymer must be the most essential product supporting the human life in the 21th century. Not only the basic materials such as the widely-used plastics and the synthetic fibers but also the smart materials exhibiting the high performances and the advanced functions have been increasingly drawn an intensive interest. Biomaterials including artificial organs and drag delivery system-related products, biomimetic sensing materials which can respond the external stimuli (light), environmentally-benign polymers with the biodegradability and/or the low-cost manufacturing process, and functional polymers useful for the information technology such as electroluminescence and photoresist are the representatives of the polymers in the next generation. In vivo, biomacromolecules (i.e., polymers) such as the protein and the nucleic acid spontaneously self-organize to form an ordered regular structure which eventually shape our human body with an infinite potential. The molecular design in the atomic level and the flexible hierarchical structure can impart superior performances and functions to the materials which is the powerful tool in the polymer science. With the many problems in the near future with reference to the environmental pollution, the medical care, and the energy shortage in our mind, the polymer materials will play more and more important role. At the polymer field in the materials science and engineering, we energetically develop a lot of promising products to support the human life and to mimic the fantastic mechanism of the human body.
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