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Overview of Chemical Process Field
The object of Material Engineering is the production of materials. Chemical Process Field has developed researches on the design, synthesis, and characterization of new functional materials and has made their process development, focusing on the functions of materials. There are serious problems to be solved in the 21st century about environment, resource, energy, material treatment, and food. These issues are closely related to our life and thus are the fields of study we have to deal with (applied) chemistry as much as possible. Chemical Process Field aims to elucidate the nature of chemical materials from the viewpoint of synthesis, property, and chemical reaction and at the atomic and molecular levels. We have three courses to enable the systematic development of the filed. Analytical chemistry and physical chemistry; the separation and analysis of materials and the structure and property of atoms, molecules, and their collectives are studied. Inorganic chemistry and chemical engineering; the structure of inorganic materials and the chemical reaction and process of energy conversion are studied. Organic chemistry and polymer chemistry; organic synthesis, organic materials, and functional materials are studied. We educate students to be researchers or engineers who have the professional knowledge and ability of analysis, development, and process development on the advanced technology of material production, have comprehensive judgment, thought, originality, and rich creativity and can exploit our future from broad viewpoints.

Keywords: Analytical Chemistry, Chemical Engineering Process, Functional Materials, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry
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