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Nagoya Institute of Technology
Organic Materials
Inorganic Materials
Materials Function and Design
Life Function
Overview of Materials Science and Engineering
In the 21st century, we are strongly demanded to achieve a good balance between the global environmental protection and the further advancement in technology and science for the better life. The Department of Materials Science and Engineering focuses on development of novel materials with superior functions, properties, and characteristics in the wide range of chemical field including organic, inorganic, macromolecular, and bio-related. The Department has five major fields, that is, Organic Materials, Inorganic Materials, Materials Function and Design, Chemical Process, and Life Function. The Department gives the breeding ground for the efficient scientists and the skilled engineers. The graduate students and the postgraduate students of the Department will learn the essences of 'mono' (= materials) and their diverse applications to take active roles in various fields of industries.

Keywords: Materials, Chemistry, Molecular Design, Process Engineering, Nano-technology